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Carla Harris IS an Inspiring Woman

THE Carla Harris…the renowned international public speaker, top 40 female speakers in the world who is sharing her “Carla’s Pearls” on career success.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women Drs. Marjorie Rallins and Holly Miller who are experts in the space of data standards setting and the...

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Melissa Bell, long time health tech executive ad CCO of Enliven Health. For Melissa, working hard was obvious...

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Jenny Schneider about the new Home[ward] Grown program to elevate women founders and leaders that was launched...

“I support Inspiring Women due to Laurie tirelessly showcasing exemplary women leaders making sizable differences in healthcare and in quality of the lives of us all.”

Lisa Rangel CEO, Chameleon Resumes

“At 7wireVentures, we believe in empowering and uplifting women in healthcare and beyond. Supporting the Inspiring Women podcast with Laurie McGraw aligns perfectly with our mission to amplify diverse voices, share inspiring stories, and drive positive change in the industry. By championing initiatives like this, we strive to foster a more inclusive and equitable future for all."

Lee Shapiro Managing Partner, 7Wire Ventures

“I’m grateful to Laurie and the Inspiring Women platform for providing women leaders across sectors the opportunity to share personal stories that forge a path of inspiration and empowerment for future generations. Highlighting women’s unique perspectives and experiences is fundamental in breaking down barriers and cultivating more inclusivity at the leadership level. I’m proud to recognize the women leaders that have shaped me as an entrepreneur and the leader I am today, and Home[ward] Grown is proud to partner with Inspiring Women to further elevate the voices of women who lead and encourage aspiring women leaders to build their own legacies.”

Dr. Jennifer Schneider CEO, Home[ward] Grown

"Newfire Global Partners is honored to contribute to Laurie McGraw's Inspiring Women initiative. Our long-standing commitment to empowering women and nurturing the next generation of leaders is a reflection of our belief that diversity of thought and equal opportunity are fundamental to innovation and success. When we listen to all voices and enable the best talent to excel, we all thrive."

Stephen Hau CEO & Chairman
Newfire Global Partners

"We are extremely proud to support Laurie and her team. The Inspiring Women podcast is an important platform to share the triumphs and challenges of so many talented women. The world needs to hear from these role models, mentors, and friends who are inspiring others every day."

Dan Nardi CEO, Reimagine Care

"WBL's (Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation) mission is to connect and convene women executives in healthcare to elevate more women into C-suite and boardroom positions. Partnering with Laurie McGraw and her Inspiring Women podcast is one of the powerful ways we further our mission and lift up the voices of women across all industries. Through partnership and mutual support, we work together to advance women leaders and pave the way for more inspiring women."

Eleanor Rosiak CEO, WBL

“Women play a powerful role in advancing missions and businesses. And Inspiring Women is accelerating the velocity of our progress. Thanks to Laurie and team for proving a platform for women’s leadership and for supporting professional development through scholarship.”

Stephanie Mercado CEO, National Association for
Healthcare Quality
About Inspiring Women

Advancing Women to Leadership. And then once there, keeping them there.

“Inspiring Women” is an interview show hosted by Laurie McGraw.

30 years of leadership in both commercial companies and non-profits has taught Laurie one thing: Women need women. Women need Inspiring Women.

Hear short-form interviews every week from Inspiring Women who are at the pinnacle of their careers and Inspired Women who are just starting out.

TEDx Talks | Laurie McGraw | TEDx Davenport

We Still Have Too Few Women in Leadership. Now What?

The pandemic wiped away the past decade of progress for women in leadership. Business leader Laurie McGraw looks at the progress made, and then undone, and offers three powerful pieces of advice for what women can do right now to advance into leadership and how others can support them. 30-year health technology executive known for driving innovation, company growth, and industry standard-setting across the healthcare sector.

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Thank You

Thanks to the following organizations for amplifying the voices of Inspiring Women.

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