Inspiring Women are Impactful Leaders

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Inspiring Women are impactful leaders. And is anyone at all the least bit surprised?

Over the past several weeks, I have had so many insightful conversations with trailblazers whose influence extends far beyond their respective industries – leadership, investing, healthcare quality, supply chain, journalism.   A few themes stand out.  Growing up, many of these women talk about being curious about the world around them.  And learning that change followed action which led to their belief in themselves that they could enact change.  Another theme includes remaining curious and continuous learning, skills often attributed to top leaders.  Many of these women describe the early days of their professional journeys where they were just curious  – doing every job that there was to be done in the newsroom…fixing a process but then expanding that to operations around the clock and around the globe….understanding that quality begins at the bedside and then determining that enabling the workforce was the path to quality, safety and outcomes.

Which brings me to the important theme of impactful leadership heard in conversation after conversation.  The journeys to leadership for these Inspiring Women are not conversations about being in the right place at the right time, rather they are women who are pursuing paths to get important work done.  The throughline of these conversations underscore an approach to leadership that isn’t just about individual achievements, but about collective progress and making a positive impact.

Impactful leadership.  We certainly need more of it.

Inspiring Women You Should Know

Carla Harris, renowned Morgan Stanley leader and a top 40 female speaker in the world.  There is no question for which Carla does not have a prescriptive answer whether it is regarding business, leadership, or the importance of impact.  Of her many Pearls, Carla also provides a strong push to women to support others.  “This is our time, and we must bring others with us.”

“The relationship currency is so important. … Over time, performance currency has diminishing marginal returns. You cannot get any more value with that.  You cannot invest more with that and get more credit. It’s going to be about how you can convince others.”
Carla Harris, Carla’s Pearls, Morgan Stanley

Stephanie Mercado is one of the most influential people in healthcare for a reason.  At the helm of the National Association of Healthcare Quality, she is steering the conversation and setting the standard for the how we enable quality across the workforce in healthcare.  We are safer and healthier when caregivers can do their best work.

“We tell people what to do in healthcare all the time. Make it safer. Make it more affordable.  But we are not really good at telling people, the workforce, the leaders, how to achieve it.”
Stephanie Mercado, CEO, NAHQ

Candace Richardson is clear that building a successful business must also be measured by societal impact.  Bending the cost curve can be done if we direct care to those that need it the most.  Improving outcomes for historically underserved populations can still bring financial returns.  Candace envisions a much brighter future when more women, more black women, are sitting around important tables making big decisions.

“Black history is American history.  It is global history….. It serves all of us if we have a clearer picture of what got us to where we are today so we can make sure the future is brighter.”
Candace Richardson, Principal, General Catalyst

There is always more!

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Thank you for listening, supporting, sharing, and amplifying.

We make progress together.

Laurie McGraw

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