Carla Harris and Calling a Thing a Thing || EP. 155

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Carla Harris.  THE Carla Harris…the renowned international public speaker, top 40 female speakers in the world who is sharing her “Carla’s Pearls” on career success.   This is the first of the 2024 WBL (Women Business Leaders) Series where Laurie and Carla are speaking to a live audience of senior […]

Care, Cost, and Cliff. Stephanie Mercado on the state of quality in healthcare. || EP. 151

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Stephanie Mercado of the National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ).   Stephanie was recently named as a Top Most Influential person in healthcare which is representative of her work and the work of NAHQ.  NAHQ, aims to provide solutions for the most pressing issues in healthcare which today vast.   […]

Dr. BCW discusses bias in healthcare. || EP. 149

Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell featured image

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Bayo Curry-Winchell, known to many as just Dr. BCW.  She is the creator of Beyond Clinical Walls, a popular video series where Dr. BCW discusses a wide variety of health topics.   Her intention is to create awareness and advocate for patients while also infusing health equity into the series.  […]

Dr. Nishi Rawat on the opioid crisis: Let’s just do what works. || EP. 148

Dr. Nishi Rawat

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Nishi Rawat, Bamboo Health’s Chief Clinical Officer.  In medical school, like most physicians, Dr. Rawat had little to no training on mental health or substance use disorder.  And yet, day in and day out, as a critical care physician this is what she was seeing.  Dealing with these medical […]

Giving Voice to the Voiceless. Nicquel Terry Ellis has found her calling. || EP. 147

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Nicquel Terry Ellis, CNN’s Race and Equality Senior Writer and an award-winning journalist. Nicquel’s love for journalism started early as a staff writer for the high school newspaper where she covered protests on school dress code policy. Being extremely curious about what is happening in the world around […]

Telling the category story. Naomi Allen on building Brightline || EP. 146

Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Naomi Allen, CoFounder and CEO of Brightline.  This is the finale episode of this Inspiring Women collaboration highlighting several of the extraordinary women leaders in the 7Wire family. Naomi is no stranger to building and scaling companies and her experience includes near seven years working in the area mental health […]