EP. 52 Emotional intelligence, demonstrating inclusivity and being inspirational –leaders today need to up their game to retain top talent.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Sarah Oremland.  She is an executive coach and leadership development consultant but considers herself a Business Psychologist.  Sarah discusses what today’s high-performance teams need to engage and retain the workforce of today.

Sarah has a quintessentially unique mix: the hunger and motivation of a former salesperson, the ability to actively listen as a trained social worker, the results-focus of a former sales manager, and the concurrent creativity and analytical talents of a consultant. With over 14 years of clinical social work, consulting, and executive coaching experience, she recognizes that getting the right mix of strategy, people, skills, tools and measurement is a significant challenge to driving revenue growth. As a skilled executive coach and assessor experienced in the commercial and strategic realities of organizational leadership, Sarah partners closely with individuals and their organization to ensure measurable growth with a sustainable impact that is embedded within the workplace.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys virtually anything having to do with the outdoors- hiking, biking, skiing, and traveling to see the beauty of this world. Recently made the move from Chicago to Colorado with her family to take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle and be closer to nature.

B.S. Sociology and Fine Arts (Bates College), Masters of Social Work (University of Chicago – School of Social Service Administration), Hogan Certified

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