EP. 59 Finding purpose and fusing interests. Katie Goodman on being a millennial.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Katie Goodman.  Katie is a podcast host, an influencer (in the world of soccer), a business owner, a yoga instructor, PR consultant and several other things.  In other words, a millennial!  Katie graduated from Mississippi State and spent a few years in “big girl jobs” and learned that being in a cubicle just wasn’t for her.  She did learn that she was a business person.  Katie has been influenced by Ikigai, a Japanese concept that means your ‘reason for being”.   She began putting her business background to work with a number of her personal interests that she found deeply purposeful.  What started out as a lot of hustling, has turned into a series of opportunities such as Katie’s current work as a podcast host of Tidal League FC as well as Our Cup of Tea. 

Katie discusses what it means to be a millennial today and how she thinks about career progression.  She is unafraid to take on learning new skills and try out her new business ideas knowing that they will not always work out.  Katie Goodman is going places and don’t be surprised if you see her reporting on ESPN some

Katie Goodman:  Podcast Host, Influencer, Yoga and Wellness, PR and Production Management.

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