EP. 60 Take the bounce. Janet Dillione tells women, now is NOT the time to be timid.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Janet Dillione.  Janet is an incredibly accomplished executive in healthcare that is focused, at this stage of her career, on leaving healthcare better than when she found it.  As she reflects on key pivot points in her storied career, Janet has learned that progression is not a ladder and that careers are not linear.  Learning, working with a team, being at Phase 0 when starting something new are all energizing to Janet and have led to other opportunities.  And as Janet reflects on the industry today, she is very optimistic about the talent coming into healthcare.  When we all know the denominators, having this level of creativity to solve complex problems is something that she is inspired by as she continues to enjoy the ride!

Janet is: a proven CEO with experience building innovative strategies and strong teams that transform businesses for sustained growth and profitability. Throughout my career, I have always looked for opportunities where technology can support patients and clinicians by helping to solve long-standing issues in the delivery of care. As I like to share with my teams, we are compelled to “leave it better than we found it.”

With leading roles in both large-scale global businesses as well as start-up scenarios, I am a dynamic leader who knows how to effectively instill a customer- and market-centric culture within an organization to drive the business forward.

As a champion of sustainable and differentiated innovation, my experience managing the complexities of global deployments and FDA-regulated products extends to businesses across North America, Europe and Asia with companies developing solutions that have been sold into diverse markets including the Federal market in the US.

Throughout my career progression, I have been a frequent presenter at industry conferences and have authored dozens of articles for multiple healthcare publications. Since 2015, I have served as a member of the Board of Directors for CorMedix, and in 2019, also joined the Board of CortiCare.

Additionally, I continue to provide strategic advisory services to several private equity firms that are assessing M&A opportunities, strategic expansion, or repositioning of current portfolio assets.

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