EP. 61 Guiding principles means putting the patient at the center for Dr. Dana Zanone.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Dana Zanone, a family medicine physician who has been implementing technology solutions for most of her career.  Now she wants physicians to have less time with the computer and much more of it focused on the more important work of being a physician – time with the patient.  Dana is a self-described “click-counter” and knows how valuable that time with patients can be.  She also shares how patients can get lost in the system and her own very personal experience with mental illness in her family.  Talking about these topics is important to Dana to remove stigma and to find solutions.


Dr. Dana Zanone is a health information physician with experience in implementing and optimizing EMR for Epic, Allscripts Enterprise and Professional, and Nextgen for greater than 12 years. She was the chief medical information officer during large-scale implementation of >130 clinics using a cooperative team-building approach between IT and organizational leaders. Zanone also coordinated the development of a physician builder program, and development of policies and procedures for all aspects of the project for the outpatient workflows. She also supported and adapted the analytics for organizational goals in Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 and implemented accountable care organization metrics and population health management into the Epic EMR.

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