EP. 68 Early Lessons: Understand how you will be evaluated

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Johanna Fic, a Senior Manager of Engagement Delivery at Salesforce.  Johanna is a technology consulting professional with experience helping clients in the consumer products industry, oil & gas industry, and the public sector improve and implement customer-centric technologies and business processes. Her passion is solving problems and improving customer experiences.  Johanna knew from an early stage that she wanted to move into leadership and actively pursued opportunities. She also learned some hard lessons early.  A large project went awry and yet the team delivered very good results given the circumstances.  However, she did not ensure the original evaluation objectives were changed to match the circumstances.  Result – less than stellar evaluation.  Those hard lessons have made Johanna a better leader of people and more attentive to results and measurements today.

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