EP. 71 Resolving challenges: Focus on the human side

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Patrice Wolfe, CEO of AGS Health, a global revenue cycle technology, analytics and services company.  Patrice was only a few months in at AGS before the pandemic hit and talks about how she worked with her ~10,000 employee workforce, mostly based in India, while still serving the needs of her clients.  Challenges certainly yet she also finds that she has been able to attract many more women to leadership by offering flexibility.  Creating opportunities for women to grow into leadership is important to Patrice.  This means providing networking opportunities and giving opportunities to manage a P&L, even if it is a just a sliver of the larger project.  While Patrice loves the complexity of healthcare, she really enjoys taking the complexity out… “it just shouldn’t be this hard!”.  She also spends a lot of time with young female founders and finds the enthusiasm and innovative ideas bring her a lot of energy, recognizing that not all the companies work out, and while she applauds all the successes, she also enjoys helping founders work through the needed company pivots.  Patrice provides frank advice for how to deal with leadership challenges which are not always all “unicorns and rainbows” and advises all leaders to remember the importance of the human side of leadership.  Treat people with dignity is just some of her sage advice on this Inspiring Women episode.

Patrice describes herself as a high-energy, visionary CEO with a focus on transforming companies for maximum success. I am a strategist and operator who combines keen analytical mindset with willingness to roll up my sleeves and get things done without losing sight of long-term business goals. I am known as a passionate mentor and collaborative leader adept at setting high standards, capable of building and unifying great teams committed to excellence. A versatile business executive, I bring 30 years of healthcare industry experience serving payers, providers, employers, federal/state government agencies, and pharmacy/device manufacturers.

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