EP. 74 So many questions!!!!! Curiosity can indeed be your superpower.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Sara Sweat, Head of Customer Success of Incredible Health, a new type of staffing company focused on nursing.  Sara talks about how her background in in high growth health tech companies prepared her for her current role and how her personal work as a mental health advocate and counselor inspires her to address some of the larger macro issues of workforce burnout.  Where does her confidence come from?  Well. Singing for one.  “If you can sing in front of 200 people, you can speak to 5 in a boardroom.”  Sara notes that people describe her as “borderline annoying” with her niceness and questions, but she has found curiousity to be her effective way of learning, growing, and becoming the leader that she is today.



Sara believes in the power of relationships.

Bringing nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare technology to her role at Incredible Health, Sara has spent her career successfully leading sales, performance coaching, and client management teams – across Payer, Provider, and Channel Partner segments. She values authenticity, collaboration, and creativity and has leveraged those skills in her previous roles at companies like Teladoc Health and Change Healthcare.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance and a Masters in Counseling and is an active advocate of mental health in her local community. She believes strongly in the mission of our organization and is honored to be part of Incredible Health.


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