EP. 77 Mentoring Series: Helen Figge and Alexis Balingcongan

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women Helen Figge and Alexis Balingcongan in this Mentoring Series episode.  Helen and Alexis are both clinicians working in the healthcare tech industry and are involved in HIMSS, serving on the New York state chapter Board (Helen is the incoming President).  Meeting there, they found mutual interest as well as admiration for each other in their different points of their career.   Helen found Alexis to be a bright “up and comer” and urged her to become more involved beyond just her current job at the time.  This relationship, which began as just casual conversations from seeing each other at events, grew to where Alexis would reach out to Helen for specific advice or coaching on specific career steps Alexis was considering.  Both view the mentor/mentee relationship as something positive for each of them and fits within their shared desire to give back to others.

Helen Figge

Chief Strategy Officer, MedicaSoft

President Elect, HIMSS New York

Award recognition for building sustainable teams with emotionally intelligent leadership using diverse skill sets; I marshal healthcare technology entities to heightened financial growth and understand the complexities associated with government standards. My professional accomplishments are transparent: leading teams with innovative strategy, product commercialization, business development, and go-to-market success. I easily launch emerging markets (e.g. startups and large publicly traded companies) to best practice and commercial success, understand the healthcare ecosystem in support of unbiased measurable data, and excel in: cloud-based FHIR standard solutions, artificial intelligence, population and behavioral health solution development, predictive analytics, and clinical workflow. I create growth and sustainability models supporting consumer centric applications for health & wellness, patient engagement, compliance, early disease detection, & evolving care model management.

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Alexis Balingcongan

Regional Connectivity Executive, Hillrom

Board Member, HIMSS New York

Experienced Registered Nurse with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Nursing, Critical Care, Hospitals, and Teamwork. Strong healthcare services professional graduated from New York University.

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