EP. 79 Mentoring Series: Monique Terrell and Brande Martin

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In this Mentorship Series episode, Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Women Monique Terrell, a Senior Director at the College of American Pathologists and Brande Martin, a Director at Covetrus.  Monique and Brande have both been working in digital marketing before it was cool.  Maybe even dating herself, Brande thought she would “try that LinkedIn” and connected with Monique who hired her at CAP.  Their working relationship turned into friendship and they continue to learn a lot from each other sharing mutual respect.  Monique’s leadership style emphasized coaching, guiding and mentoring all of her team members but how far it goes is largely up to the individual.  With Brande, she has celebrated all of her accomplishments, first at CAP and now well beyond, and hopes to see her continue to advance and lead from the front of the room.  Brande seeks guidance from Monique because “she has my back”, their relationship being grounded in support and trust.  Does Brande always take the advice?  Usually (because it is valuable!) but shaping it to fit her unique leadership style.  Best and consistent advice from Monique – Hire strong.  And make sure you lead by pulling the best from each of your team members as that will help them pull together as a team.  Brande has taken that advice and is proud of how this has helped her develop as a leader.   Brande reminds us that when you receive, you need to pay it forward, which she does by mentoring others.  Monique tells younger women to Be Bold, Be Present and Be You!


Monique Terrell | Senior Director Annual Meeting, Events and Engagement, College of American Pathologists

Monique is the first senior-most digital executive at the College of American Pathologists, the leading organization in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. At the CAP, she has led teams from 7 to 16 people across the digital, creative design, and now the Annual Meeting and Events team.

She has over 15 years of experience as a digital strategy leader who works with organizations to maximize opportunities that effectively leverage technology. Through the comprehensive use of qualitative and predictive analytics, she drives brand experience, improves digital operations, and broadens revenue streams while being a catalyst for company-wide digital transformation.

An effective leader and mentor who can train and motivate staff, increase productivity and retain talent. As a digitally centric executive, she specializes in the planning and implementation of digital solutions.

Rounding out her expertise includes experience in user experience, technology selection, information architecture, e-commerce, web, search, email, social, video/audio, and mobile.

Career Milestones: Created position of first Director of Digital Strategy for the second-largest U.S. medical association; founded one of the first dedicated social media agencies in Oklahoma City; Awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

You can follow Monique on LinkedIn.


Brande Martin | Director B2B Marketing, Content and Creative – North America, Covetrus

Brande Martin is a digital content strategy, marketing and health care communications professional. Brande also is a certified master coach, specializing in leadership and wellness coaching. She is a leader focused on training and mentoring teams. Throughout her career, she has developed successful content strategy and digital marketing direction to increase sales and provide thought leadership. She is a member of the United Way, Metro Chicago, Women United board. Brande has presented at several conferences and been a guest panelist on various webinars and podcasts. She has published articles in Forbes, Ellevate Network, Medscape, and other outlets about health care, medical topics, diversity and general interest topics. Find out more about Brande by listening to her podcast: Strive, Thrive & Shine.

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