EP. 81 Today’s Leadership Requirements: Empathy, Kindness, Resilience.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Erica Jain, CEO and CoFounder of Healthie.  Erica created Healthie back when she was in business school.  She is someone who cares about leaving the world a better place.  When she saw her own parents struggle with weight loss, and then to see the devastating impact that comes with mental health issues, and then through her own experience in the healthcare system as a pregnant woman and new mom – she felt there was a lot of opportunity to make a difference.  Today at Healthie, she works with many great founders and leaders.  What is Erica’s secret power as a leader?  She does NOT give up.  For Erica, work life balance does not exist, it’s all life.  She credits becoming a new mom with reinvigorating her “hustle”.  There are more women CEOs and Founders out there but again, Erica believes leadership and company success still comes down to the team.  She urges all women out there to not hold back, making the world a better place takes tremendous energy and as leaders, today’s new leaders, it requires empathy, kindness and resilience.


Erica Jain

CEO and CoFounder, Healthie

Healthie serves as the underlying infrastructure for digital health startups, grocery stores, health clinics, Universities, and other innovative health programs that seek to deliver long-term, preventative care to clients. We have a HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliant platform and API that saves organizations time, and allows them to launch and scale services faster.


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