EP. 89 Addicted to start-ups!

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Eileen Maus, CEO of Renovia, a digital therapeutic and diagnostic company focused on women’s health and specifically, women’s pelvic floor health.  As CEO, Eileen spends a good portion of her time on fundraising and reimbursement now that innovations at Renovia have a published clinical trial to their name.  Some of her drive and commitment comes from an encounter with an investor who noted that exits in women’s health are not as exciting as other digital health companies which Eileen found quite frustrating.  The importance of women’s health issues for Eileen began early as she was a pharma rep working with OBGYN physicians.  She found these doctors to be real partners when adopting new technologies.  The issues of weakened pelvic floor can be uncomfortable to talk about, and Eileen will ask people to think through the important issues of dignity for people with these conditions.  She also describes herself addicted to start ups!   Building the right team, allowing people to shine, coupled with energy and leadership as service approach – all of these items are the ingredients of a fulfilling career.


Eileen Maus

Chief Executive Officer, Renovia

Eileen Maus brings 20 years as a healthcare industry sales and marketing executive with strategic planning experience to her role as Chief Executive Officer with Renovia.  Ms. Maus entered the women’s healthcare space during her 12 years with CYTYC Corporation, where she was a key contributor to Cytyc’s growth from $8 million to over $700 million, holding leadership roles from sales management to Vice President, Commercial Operations of the Surgical Division. Specifically, Ms. Maus built and managed sales forces for five new product launches, including the ThinPrep® Pap Test, ThinPrep® Imaging System, FirstCyte Breast Test, NovaSure Endometrial Ablation and Mammosite Targeted Radiation Treatment. In addition, Ms. Maus spearheaded the integration and commercialization of Cytyc’s surgical division.

Prior to Renovia, Ms. Maus served as Chief Commercial Officer of Constitutional Medical Investors, a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus. In addition to participating in the diligence of diagnostic companies for potential acquisition, she developed the commercial plan for a disruptive technology in the hematology space that was acquired by Roche Diagnostic.

Ms. Maus previously served as Chief Commercial Officer for Keystone Dental, where she created their marketing strategy to align with market needs, rebuilt their sales force and orchestrated the purchase of innovative products in a commoditized industry.

Ms. Maus is a graduate of LaSalle University, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Communications.


You can follow Eileen on LinkedIn.

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