EP. 90 Want to build a business? Start with Google.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Amanda Gorman, Founder of the Nest Collaborative, an organization that provides telehealth lactation consultation services.  As a pediatric nurse practitioner Amanda found new mothers were often asking “can you help me?” when it came to breast feeding. The need for lactation consultants far outstrips the demand according to recommendations from the Surgeon General.  This led to Amanda forming the Nest Collaborative to provide these services in a scalable and accessible way via telehealth.

When Amanda started, turned to Google for her business training.  Her original goals were small but as she developed this solution for families, the demand simply grew.  Amanda notes that upwards of 70% of mothers can struggle with breastfeeding and might benefit from Nest services.  This led to crowdfunding, learning how to speak with conviction and then taking advantage of women founder incubators like Springboard Enterprises.  This proved invaluable and allowed Amanda to make key decisions such as bringing on a CEO to bring order (and spreadsheets!) to provide balance and accelerate Amanda’s vision for Nest which means helping more families and improving outcomes.


Amanda Gorman

Founder, Nest Collaborative


Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Nest Collaborative, improving maternal child health outcomes with the first preventive lactation telehealth program that is directly payer-reimbursed. We assist employers and health providers in enhancing lactation benefits for women by increasing access to breastfeeding support that impacts maternal-child health outcomes and decreases healthcare costs across the industry.


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