EP. 100 MENTORING SERIES: Mom, our first mentor.

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In this episode you will hear:

  • That point in time when this mother/daughter changed their relationship to mentoring and the focus on professional advice v. just parental advice
  • Why a healthy respect for boundaries for Jolene has been important to her in her support for Kate’s growing career.
  • Kate’s reaction to unsolicited advice (not good) and how Jolene practices restraint in giving it!
  • For Jolene, she began an entrepreneurial career later in life and how she looks to her daughter for both support and advice. Not only is it helpful, for Jolene, this is a source of pride and joy in her daughter.

What advice do they have for each other as both mom and daughter forge their career trajectories?

Jolene has strong belief that Kate will be a woman of impact but also is supportive and excited about the ride ahead even if it remains unclear.  She wants to ensure that if Kate needs something, that she is not afraid to ask for it.

Kate can’t help but show tremendous pride in her mom for exploring new challenges and having the courage to build this new business of life coaching.  Go for it Mom!!!

What will you hear in this episode?  Love.  Support.  Pride.


Jolene Atkinson

Jolene Atkinson is licensed in Iowa and Illinois as a Clinical Social Worker in private practice at Psychology Health Group in Davenport, Iowa. She is a Certified Life Coach and owner of Lifewell Coaching. As a graduate of the University of Iowa with a master’s degree in social work, Jolene trained as a therapist and an advocate for others. She is a certified life coach, CEO and entrepreneur. Whether through therapy or life coaching, Jolene specializes in supporting individuals to live their best lives.  Early in her career, Jolene worked with nonprofit agencies serving children and parents in the foster care system, provided advocacy and therapy to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, was a residential counselor in a group home for teen moms, and a therapist in a mental health clinic.

With over 20 years’ experience in her private practice, Jolene has helped individuals and families with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, addiction, grief, and trauma. She has supported couples with marriage, divorce, and custody issues. She has provided individuals with life skills, career exploration, identity awareness and parenting strategies. Jolene has specialized in utilizing play therapy to work with children and teens. Jolene’s coaching practice prioritizes goal setting, personal growth, and emotional wellness. She is passionate about helping people realize their highest potential.


Kate Kruse

VP, Executive Podcast Solutions and Producer, Inspiring Women

Kate is a Class of 2020 graduate from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Enterprise Leadership. Kate joined Executive Podcast Solutions in October of 2019 and has loved helping several clients develop and produce their shows. Outside of podcasting, she enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and reading.


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