EP. 102 Julia Chang does not believe in gender limitations.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Julia Chang who lives in Taiwan and is a Senior Sales Director at Skyworks Solutions.  Julia became interested in technology at a very early age, encouraged by her father and inspired by science fiction superheroes that could fight aliens and solve problems with science!  With a background in engineering, she found that she loved the sales process, which includes a deep technical understanding but also psychology, working with people to find win-win solutions while also closing deals.  Julia never felt gender differences in her career pursuits even though she saw that there were fewer women in the areas she studied or where she worked.

Involvement in the semi-conductor industry and its global supply chain, being in Taiwan, and recent US legislation with the CHIPS and Science Act all impact Julia’s life.  Geo-political tensions have been a constant as long as Julia can remember and that is true now, but the impact she feels is probably less so than the news from abroad may make it appear.  

Of the various pivotal points in her successful career, Julia gives tremendous credit to her husband.  His support of her, encouraging her to pursue her current career at SkyWorks, as well as their support for each other with their family, Julia views him as an invaluable partner.  Today, Julia suggests to all women that they do not accept gender limitations but rather, do your best work to reach your human potential.


Julia Chang

Sr. Sales Director at Skyworks Solutions in Taiwan

Country Manager/Regional Sales Director

思佳訊思佳訊.  In Charge of Taiwan ODM/OBM and WLAN customers

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