EP. 112 Innovating in Medicaid to provide health for all.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Adimika Arthur, the Founding Executive Director of HealthTech for Medicaid (HT4M).  As a social entrepreneur, a relentless and passionate advocate, and an epidemiologist, Adimika is committed to making meaningful and measurable progress.  Don’t confuse her “toxic optimism” with her dogged resolve to make this world a better place.  HT4M is now into its fifth year with big plans to DISRUPT.  This includes determinants, designing with dignity and ensuring that there are dollars behind the needed innovations to support quality, equity and access to all Americans on Medicaid.


Hear Adimika talk about:

🇺🇸 Medicaid Primer:  57 years old and serving the needs of 80 million, or one out of five, Americans.  Medicaid is the largest insured population, provided in 56 different ways based on the State Ceiling and Federal Floor funding dynamic.  Also, the first radical act of access to care.

📆 Proudest accomplishments to date for HT4M:  

🗣 Humanizing Medicaid through storytelling, myth busting and showing the faces of Medicaid.

🦈 Sea Change of interest due to the pandemic, the racial reckoning in the US and new regulations.

📖 Where she finds inspiration:  from all kinds of people that she meets anywhere, e.g. in the Starbucks line …. or at the food pantry where she volunteers.  But also reading.  Recent finds include the polymer composition of cement (you read that correctly!) and the economic levers for ESG programs.

 Mantras she lives by:  Faith, family, and waking up every day knowing that she intends and expects to leave this world a better place.

For herself, her family, and for her ancestors who helped build this country.



Founding Exec Director:  HealthTech for Medicaid (HT4M)

Healthcare executive with significant leadership commitment to serving vulnerable populations. I am a visionary and strategic business thinker who partners with colleagues, teams and businesses to create and drive value, optimize performance and inspire high-growth companies to serve those most in need.

Trained as a clinical epidemiologist, turned successful health care administrator with a proven record of developing innovative strategies to improve the delivery and quality of health services, increase access to care, and stabilize struggling organizations. Dynamic thought leader with progressive experience providing insight in the fields of public health care.

Adept at analyzing existing health care operations and implementing necessary strategies and formal business practices to strengthen the safety-net.

Board member, advocate for women’s leadership and clearinghouse for connecting people and process. Affectionately known as “Madame Medicaid” for being able to turn any conversation into one about the health program that serves more than 79 Million people nationwide.

Specialties include healthcare cost containment, revenue cycle enhancement, budget and leadership development. Particular expertise in outpatient services, patient and employee satisfaction.