EP. 120 EQUANIMITY: How these 3 CEO/Founders put on the calm, no matter what comes crashing at them.

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with three Inspiring Women CEOs and Founders coming out of Hashed Health.  Molly Moore, (Bramble Health), Leigh McCormack (Platypus), and Raelyn Wilson (Peer Supply).

At the Vive 2023 conference I had the opportunity to speak with three CEOs and Founders who have all participated in the Hashed Health venture studio.  Their companies have all been incubated in the Hashed Health venture studio.  Even though they were on day two of pitching, pitching, pitching…they had the energy (maybe some exhaustion?) to sit down with me and discuss what they are finding in their current CEO roles.

Is funding really that hard?  (spoiler alert….it’s hard).  What are the hard things about hard things?  Even if you are expert, confidence can still be a thing.  And yes, it IS lonely at the top.

But they also surprise themselves.  Areas where they might have agonized over a NO, today serves as just useful information as they move onto whatever is next.

These incredible women are NOT particularly excited about being in a smallISH club.  They aim to plow through the current numbers (ONLY 2.4% of available funding is going to women CEOs and Founders).  The sooner this is yesterday, the better.

They will also ask you to come along on this journey with them.  Get out of your own head!!  Just do it, please do it!!  And recognize the resources and comradery (like they have with each other) is available.

And through it all – the hard work, the chaos, the balance of trying to have it all… comes EQUANIMITY.  Putting on the calm, no matter what comes crashing at you.

You will enjoy this energetic, fun, and very informative episode!!!



Raelyn Wilson is the CEO and Founder of Peer Supply which is on a mission to transform the healthcare supply chain by unlocking the value of data and collaboration.

Leigh McCormack is the CEO and Founder of Platypus which leverages the collective power of data and knowledge to democratize healthcare analytics.

Molly Moore is the CEO and Founder of Bramble Health which provides a transparent provider marketplace. And allows you to configure and create networks instantly.

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