EP. 122 When Truth Speaks to Power. Dr. Jen Peña on Integrity, Fierce Femininity, and Healthcare in Puerto Rico

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Dr. Jen Peña.

It has been a few years since she left the White House.  So many firsts…..the first Latina physician in this office …the first from Puerto Rico.  Two administrations (Obama and Trump) and physician to the Vice President.  A deep honor.  A tremendous privilege.  And your sworn duty.  One that tested the very core of what you signed up for when you took the Hippocratic Oath.  Personal beliefs sometimes severely tested and kept to oneself.   At the end of the day, you are just the help.  And then it ends.

Her work was not done.  She was wronged (publicly) on the way out.  The scars linger.  But today, a brighter, stronger light shines on her enormous pride for a job well done.  For staying true to ethical and moral principles.  And in the words of her mentor – she showed them “how the skirt fit on the way out.”   Fierce.

Today and recently, Dr. Peña has moved home to San Juan.  She is on a mission to address the healthcare gaps and access issues that exist in Puerto Rico.  Over 10,000 physicians left the island in recent years, making challenging issues only worse.  Innovation with digital platforms and tools are keys to a better future, but this requires an understanding of culture to make them really work.

Dr. Peña is bringing her disciplined army background with boots on the ground to deliver what matters most – quality outcomes.



Dr. Jen Peña served as White House physician under both the Obama and Trump administrations, and Physician to the Vice President of the United States.  A former US Army combat veteran of 15 years, she is a digital and telehealth expert, clinical leader, board-certified internal medicine physician and directs the Vidalús free clinic of the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.  Chief Medical Officer of Medaica, a digital diagnostics platform company.  A fellow of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and member of the American Telemedicine Association’s Advisory Group to Eliminate Healthcare Disparities and Inequalities.  BS-Yale University.  MD-University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  Residency-Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Featured speaker and medical contributor for several TV and radio networks, and at various national, international, and virtual conferences on digital and telehealth, COVID-19 and Veterans affairs.