WBL Series with Ulya Khan: Playing It Safe Won’t Lead You to the C Suite || EP. 123

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Ulya Khan at the WBL (Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation) Annual Summit.  Ulya found her tribe when she attended her first Summit in 2016 and has been an active WBL member ever since.  Describing WBL as the best kept secret where her sense of belonging comes from being with women who are at her level (Ulya has been a C suite executive at global organizations for 25+ years and is now an investor).

In this episode, Ulya talks about how she reached the C suite in record time.  This meant not playing it safe and taking smart risks.  And how, when she wanted to make the career switch to healthcare, her advisors originally laughed at her.  For Ulya this simply meant she needed new advisors and then a plan to make her intentions known.  It all paid off.

In addition to career stories, Ulya shares excellent advice for women seeking investments.  In short, stop underselling.  Captivating the imagination of an investor means telling a bigger story and setting loftier goals.  And oh yes, please do be your authentic self, not just a shinier version of someone else.

About WBL

WBL (Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation) is a nonprofit organization housing the premier network of women executives across the healthcare industry. With 1200+ active members, WBL offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, professional development, and executive education while fostering a welcoming community of peers committed to supporting and advancing one another.

About Ulya Khan

Operating Partner, Virgo Investment Group + Angel Investor, Golden Seeds

Ulya Khan is a dynamic leader who mixes the sharpest business skills with a great sense of vision to help organizations and individuals reach their goals. Her experience comes from 25+ years in major corporations covering many roles across the globe, with a focus on healthcare over the last 10 years. Presently, she is an Operating Partner at Virgo Investment Group and also an active Angel Investor, via GoldenSeeds, in a personal capacity.

She has been a member in WBL since 2016.

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