#Road to HLTH 2023 with Joy Rios of HIT Like a Girl || EP. 134

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Inspiring Women and Boulder, Colorado is stop # 9 on the HIT Like a Girl Pod Road to HLTH 2023.  It was planes, trains, and automobiles for founder Joy Rios who journeyed across the country, visiting innovative health tech hubs and speaking with women about some of the most pressing problems in healthcare today.  Along the #RoadtoHLTH23, the ideas flowed freely, as did the laughs, networking and idea sharing.

In Boulder, Colorado, our day began with an early morning and very gorgeous hike, some stretching, and then a joint podcast with Inspiring Women and HIT Like a Girl.  In this special episode, hear Laurie McGraw and Joy Rios talk about:

  • The magic that happens when women can be in nature and let their guards down.
  • A seemingly new and exciting trend with women leaders who are actively bringing others with them and making more room at the leadership table. There’s power in a pack!
  • Ways to combat the imposter syndrome or other struggles with confidence. Joy provides some PRO Tips on ways to use AI to serve as a sounding board or coach.
  • Some of the healthcare trendlines heard along the Road to HLTH such as houselessness, mental health issues and how these are impacting all communities but in different ways.
  • Innovation in healthcare, all of which is exciting, but pressing on how these potentially innovative solutions can actually impact severe trendlines of cost, access, or outcomes.

May this lively conversation lead to many others on the Road to HLTH!!!!!

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