Magic and possibilities. Deepthi Bathina on the launch of RhythmX AI || EP. 135

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Deepthi Bathina, CEO and founder of RhythmX AI and Healthcare Partner at SAIGroup.

Deepthi’s interest in healthcare is personal.  She lost her grandmother early due to complications from diabetes.  What Deepthi remembers was the lack of understanding of how diabetes could be controlled.  And the suffering, not only in her family but across many other parts of the world.  And she wants to do something about it.

As a teen, she discovered coding – simply magic!! Which is how she feels today about AI and the endless possibilities.  She has recently launched her new company, RhythmX AI. A generative AI-native health company driving a paradigm shift in hyper-personalized care.  Deepthi talks about what it means to provide whole person care.  Using enormous amounts of data to fill in gaps and then provide information within the workflows of clinicians.  Importantly and using her background as the chief product person at a large payor, a key aspect of the platform will be to understand the benefits or gaps in benefits of the patient to address the access and affordability of healthcare.

As we talked about her leadership journey, Deepthi reflects on working with iconic leaders like Jack Welch early in her career and today, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, founder and CEO of SAIGroup and recently honored on the inaugural TIME100 AI listFrom Jack Welch, she has embraced extreme candor and transparency.  And from Dr. Wadhwani, knowing that the journey of 1000 miles begins with incredibly important first steps.  Also, she knows the problems they intend to solve at RhythmX AI are extremely complex, so the advice to get to the 4mm level of the problem is key.  But advice on networking (pick up golf!!!!), raising a family (take them on the road with you!!), that didn’t work for her, so she did it her own way…. which has seemed to work out just fine.

Deepthi closes our conversation with advice for leaders, and for women leaders in particular.  Simply put, take risks.  Push yourself and aim high.

Deepthi Bathina | CEO and founder of RhythmX AI and Healthcare Partner at SAIGroup 

Deepthi Bathina is founder and CEO of RhythmX AI, a new health AI company driving a paradigm shift in whole-person primary care. The innovative Rhythm AI-powered platform is helping physicians pioneer a new era of hyper-personalized patient care. RhythmX AI is owned by the private equity firm SAIGroup (Symphony AI and Concert AI), one of the largest and fastest-growing Silicon Valley firms focused on enterprise AI. 

Bathina is chair of the board of the Kerry Murphy Healey Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Babson College. She is the former chief product officer at Humana, a Fortune 50 healthcare firm, where she led product development and management of all healthcare solutions for the entire company and led customer success functions across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial segments. Before Humana, Bathina was general manager of operations for the $1 billion Healthcare Technology Division of Nuance Communications. She is the former head of global operations for the clinical decision support division (UpToDate) at Wolters Kluwer, leading global customer operations in 170 countries.

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