Chelsea Clinton IS an Inspiring Woman || EP. 138

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Chelsea Clinton.

What an honor to speak with Chelsea Clinton at the HLTH 2023 conference in Vegas. Despite thumping music and flashing lights, Chelsea didn’t miss a beat to focus on the important space of healthcare and use her platform to address inequities.

Hear Chelsea talk about:

  • Maximizing time requires an amazing team + a robust calendar
    To be the professional that she wants to be, focus, being regimented, accountable, and surrounding herself with a strong team are the keys to maximizing impact. And do not underestimate the power of partnerships.
  • Metrodora Ventures
    Her early-stage health and learning investment fund backs founders from places of lived experience with deep empathy for those they intend to serve. When we talk about innovation, many gravitate to the “bright, shiny object” types of opportunities.  Yet, durable solutions (and perhaps the most impactful) are often those “unsexy challenges” addressing the complex connective tissue areas in healthcare.
  • The less than 2% of funding being awarded to female founders
    It’s a thing and are we really surprised when less than 2% of venture funds are led by women? When pressed on “what should women founders do?”, Chelsea was UNYIELDING in her response.  It is unacceptable to expect those on the other side of inequity to bear the responsibility of convincing others to acknowledge and address their bias.  It is the responsibility of those with power, with platforms, and with voice to lead the change.
  • Her aspirational vision for healthcare (next 5 years?)
    Where everyone has the opportunity to receive a high standard of care; where dignity and respect is afforded always; where we are not timid and lean into the major societal issues of guns and substance abuse; where we spend time holding ourselves accountable for decarbonization; and more broadly, where we spend more and do more for kids.
  • On being a mom
    If nothing else, this has only made her more intense in her approach to work. Looking at issues through the lens of our youngest.
  • And a few other fun facts…. like the color blue…like a love for the Barbie movie (parents, bring your sons too!).

….and one last special shout out to my very own daughter Chelsea.

To Chelsea Clinton, thank you for this conversation.

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