Kathy Kaluhiokalani on innovation and impact (the equation of high growth companies that deliver within larger health systems is where the magic happens) || EP. 141

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Kathy Kaluhiokalani, Founder and CEO of Pip Care at HLTH 2023.

This is the next episode of this Inspiring Women collaboration highlighting several of the extraordinary women leaders in the Redesign family.  Pip Care was launched out of the Redesign process to address support for patients before, during and after surgery.  Kathy has such a clear vision and leads with purpose and intensity, coupled with perspective and a sense of calm that she attributes to this NOT being her first rodeo as the Chief.

Hear Kathy talk about:

  • Career inflection points. Kathy has led at very large healthcare organizations and she has done innovation.  Her view is that the highest impact for innovation is with startups that can then implement in health systems.  A pandemic inflection point led her to think seriously about startups again.
  • How can we improve the surgical process? And it has nothing to do with the clinical aspect of surgery – it’s all those important surround things – did I follow the diet and exercise instructions correctly?  Where do I park?  Is my insurance covering all the folks involved in my surgery?  Kathy describes the purpose of Pip Care to provide a patient partner as an extension of the surgery team.
  • Why is she excited about the company? The data – reducing length of stay, or post-op ER visits and readmissions – backs up that the solutions are working.  Kathy was also excited to talk about new clients like UChicago which she was announcing at HLTH.
  • Bringing along the next generation of women leaders. Kathy expects of herself and other women executives to make room for others and to bring women with her.  And for Kathy, this “responsibility” is not only important, well, it is also quite fun.

Guest Bio:

Kathleen Kaluhiokalani has been characterized as a leader with “flawless execution, innovation, and grit, who approaches obstacles with a vision of sustainable, long-term success in mind.” Her distinguished career is in steering healthcare business organizations to their next level of success. This is accomplished through explosive growth, performance turnarounds, business and culture transformations, corporate rebranding, and restructuring organizational matrix. Her expertise is in vision and execution, being able to see the big picture and immediately identifying the path to reach the objective, while building and empowering top-talent to partner and capitalize on the opportunities presented. She develops strategies that drive revenue and fuel profit growth, navigating complex business challenges and delivering effective solutions, and leveraging people, process, and technology to achieve key business outcomes.

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