Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Lori Evans Bernstein, CEO and Co-Founder of Caraway Health at HLTH 2023. || EP. 143

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Kicking off this Inspiring Women collaboration highlighting several of the extraordinary women leaders in the 7Wire Ventures family.

As a seasoned healthcare executive, entrepreneur, and previous government servant, Lori is familiar with the need to address healthcare problems at scale.  Given the tsunami of need, Lori created Caraway to redefine healthcare for an entire generation, the GenZ population.  Caraway is focused on healthcare delivery of this population with an approach that makes sense for this first generation of digital natives. Bringing together a virtual approach of on-demand care where “no question is too small”, Caraway is bringing evidenced based solutions to this population.

Hear Lori talk about:

  • Why Gen Z? Not just the first fully digital population, but also the one that is the largest, most diverse, as well as socially minded group.  In 2030, GenZ will make up 30% of our workforce.
  • Reproductive rights and now uncertainty. This is also the population that has fewer reproductive rights than their mothers.  When discussing the devastating Dobbs decision, Lori is quick to point out the impact to individuals in all
  • A tsunami of need. A generation that should be at its healthiest and happiest simply is not.  Mental health issues have become front and center as GenZ lives have been radically disrupted due to the pandemic.
  • The importance of being bold: Addressing large scale issues and populations requires bold actions and a very aspirational vision.  Lori suggests to all women entrepreneurs to not forget that reality.


Guest Bio:

Seasoned healthcare executive with 25+ years of experience in healthcare and health tech as an entrepreneur, operator and government leader.

Lori is the CEO and co-founder of Caraway, a women’s+ digital healthcare company taking on the societal and medical imperative of caring for college students by providing integrated mental, reproductive and physical healthcare. Previously, she was co-founder and president of HealthReveal, a clinical artificial intelligence (AI) company dedicated to combating chronic disease, which was recently acquired by Accolade (NASDAQ: ACCD), a personalized healthcare and benefits company providing millions of people and their families with exceptional healthcare.

Previously Lori held a series of leadership positions with growing health tech firms:
(President, GSI Health acquired by Medecision)(CEO, ActiveHealth Management, Provider Solutions acquired by Aetna/CVS Health)(Director, CareScience, previously NASDAQ: CARE now part of Premier healthcare informatics (

Additionally, Lori is known for bringing her entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry expertise to the government realm as senior advisor to nation’s first health IT Czar and New York state’s first deputy commissioner of health IT transformation, NYS Department of Health.

Lori currently serves on the board of Sanctuary for Families, a human rights organization dedicated to addressing domestic violence, sex trafficking and other forms of gender violence.

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