Change Can be Overwhelming. Judy Goldberg on bringing the Wonder into a Major Shift || EP. 154

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Laurie McGraw is speaking with Inspiring Woman Judy Goldberg about her book WonderSHIFT , a guide and program for results driven transformation

This Inspiring Women conversation was recorded in the New York office of Redesign Health and followed by a WonderSHIFT workshop.

Judy’s life’s work is centered around education and teaching. This started in her basement at 8 years old where she would “teach classes”. Fast forward to years of teaching in schools and abroad and then focusing her studies and work on what happens when change, or shifts, happen. Shifts can come in the form of natural shifts (getting older), imposed shifts (things thrown at us – natural disasters, health issues), and initiated shifts (starting a business, making a career change).

Judy had been developing her SHIFT methodology (Shape; Harmonize; Imagine; Focus; Team) for a few years when an imposed shift of a breast cancer diagnosis occurred. What she thought would be six weeks became a significant care journey. Judy brings us into her life (and health!!) and how this experience, amazingly, fueled her work of Wondershift. She also describes the power of Wondershift for more than just those imposed shifts but also those that are initiated. And how to bring methods and tools into your professional life for more purposeful results driven transformation.

Closing out the conversation, Judy provides her best advice for other aspiring women. Show Up even on the darkest, hardest of days, as that is where growth and change happen.

And Be as intentional about the recovery, as you are about the grind.

Guest Bio:
Wondershift can transform your leadership, your team and through world class design can ensure positive, long lasting results. Whether you have a new team, an established team, or a group who don’t yet work together or are located around the globe, Wondershift will find the right approach to achieve the results you need to navigate tough targets and unique challenges.

Those who succeed develop skills and awareness to appreciate individuals, engage in healthy debates, recognize valuable ideas, and ultimately enable the organization to thrive.

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